Feathered Dreams

What happens when your fairy tale ending isn’t like all the storybooks? 

Join Ann and be swept into a world of swoon-worthy characters, glittering gowns, and fierce intrigue.

For ten girls, the opportunity to escape their mundane lives and win the heart of handsome Prince Christian has arrived. But for Ann, being selected is anything but exciting. It means turning her back on her widowed father and cozy book boyfriends while competing for a title she doesn’t want.

Then she meets the forbidden Prince Ryan, and her world tilts on its axis.

Beyond the love triangle with the Princes, the Palace is hiding secrets that Ann starts to unravel.

Can she save the one thing that matters most to her?

Or will someone destroy everything that Ann didn’t know she wanted?

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What do you do when your Prince Charming is a naughty little tease?

After so long you must move on, right? 

You can’t possibly wait. Forever is a long time, especially when another man openly desires you, feathers and all. 

But the heart wants what it wants, there is no denying that pull. 

Or is there?

Rejoin Ann and get swept into a world of swoon worthy characters, glittering gowns, and fierce intrigue. 

After King Mark’s sudden death, there remains a lot of unanswered questions and it’s up to Ann, Prince Ryan, and King Christian to fit the pieces together. 

Could there be a murderer amongst them?

Can they find out before another life is taken?

Will Ann wait, or will a sinful Knight hammer his way into her heart?

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Happily ever after doesn’t exist.

Whoever tells you otherwise is an idiot. 

This is real life and I’m done playing the delicate lady, because wars are won by blood, sweat, and tears.

Ann’s father was murdered in cold blood. Now, she is hell-bent on vengeance, pushing everyone aside as she anxiously awaits her opportunity to strike and gain justice.

However, when King Christian warns her of the inevitable consequences, she hesitates

Is she willing to give up everything to get revenge?

Is she strong enough to uncover the truth, to face all the hidden secrets shrouding her life?

Can Ann mend her broken wings and fly again.

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Split Feather

Can the crown survive?

Do we really choose our journey?

The world Ann thought she knew is spiraling out of control, and she’s caught in its vortex. Suffocating. Pulled in every direction.

After a fierce battle, Native American warriors distribute eagle feathers to represent the conclusion. A split feather is indicative of a fighter who has been wounded but persevered. In this new chapter of Ann’s life, the most devastating she has yet to face, will she persevere? Or will she succumb to the harsh truths and even crueler betrayals?

Can she battle her inner turmoil and stay loyal to the Palace? Can the Palace rescue her before she becomes another death in this on-going war?

Can the rebels be suppressed or is war the only action?

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It’s time to confront the consequences.

Ann is trapped between her loyalties to the Palace and her devotion to the Black Rose, while struggling with haunting memories of grief, betrayal, and lost love.

Can she bring her two worlds together? Or will she be forced to choose?

On one hand, the Black Rose has become Ann’s second family with a certain hunky rebel at the center of the cause. On the other, the Palace is home to her friends and the father of Ann’s child.

She must fight for the future she desires, instead of the one she was given, and there’s no turning back now that everything has been set into motion. If peace cannot be established, Ann will be forced to face the consequences that come with being a rebel sympathizer. Which means her and her child’s lives are in grave danger.

As Ann’s adventure ends, expect emotional depth, unforeseen twists, and heartbreak.

You’ll be swept off your feet in this captivating conclusion of the Feathered Dreams series.

Shifters of Cold Creek
Spicy Wolf Shifter Romance
(18+ with triggers)

Scarlett's Tail

Scarlett’s Tail is a steamy, 18+, full-length, dual POV standalone within a series, ending in a happily ever after and no cliffhanger.

A nobody. An alpha. An unexpected discovery.


Have you ever craved to be something more? More than your lonely past? More than a sinful toy?

Well, that’s impossible to accomplish in Carson City. It’s survival of the fittest. And I’m doing a terrible job at it. Until they found me.

The Fangs. A ruthless gang that owns this decaying city. And their leader has his eyes set on owning me—right along with it.

Who am I?

Scarlett. At least, that’s the name the orphanage gave me when I was dropped off with nothing more than the clothes on my back.

What I didn’t anticipate is the gang’s leader making me an offer I literally couldn’t refuse…



Everything shifted when my mate was taken from me.

Now, I couldn’t care less about the wars between the packs of Cold Creek.

But when a mysterious human appears and drives my wolf crazy, I rethink my self-inflicted isolation.

What is she hiding? And why is our rival pack willing to spill blood in exchange for her return?

Series Description:

The Cold Creek packs are loyal—while bursting with mouthwatering, unclaimed shifters—all just waiting for their mates. Why not drop in and enjoy the picturesque views by day and scorching fires at night? Don’t be shy. They don’t bite… hard.

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A lost soul’s torment.


Have you ever had to beg to be with the person you love, while also pleading with Luna to pinpoint the mate she assigned you?

No? Just me?

Well, as Cold Creek’s most successful business owner, I think I’ve earned the right to have it all. Yes, I’m pampered with everything I need. But what about what I desire? And what I crave is a healthy serving of panty-melting bed activities with equal amounts of faithfulness. Human or shifter? I’m not picky. They just have to put me first and preferably on a pedestal. And I’ll return the same courtesy.

Then he strides straight into the Wolves’ Den. A leather jacket, tattoos, and a Harley. He may be a member of our rival pack, The Fangs, but there’s something unique about this shifter. Almost magical. And it tugs me towards him, despite his bad attitude and obvious hunger for power. Or maybe because of them. Even if he’s not my predestined partner, his darkness causes my fur soul to whimper for his scorching touch.

But he’s hiding something.

Will his sins devour everything I hold dear? Or can he redeem himself by providing me with the three things I require most: to fight for me, accept me (and my flaws), and above all else, protect the woman I love.


Legends aren’t born. They are created with blood, sweat, and sacrifice. And I’ve done all that and more for the Fangs and now I demand what is owed to me.

I refuse to be the pack’s bitch any longer. I’m conquering the alpha’s throne. I’ll gain control or die during my attempts to attain it. No matter who I have to crush under my iron paw.

Even the spoiled princess of the Canis pack. I’ll mold her, use her body, and then bury the pampered brat along with all my deadly secrets. What could possibly go wrong?

I have my queen and soon the world will cower under our merciless reign.

All hail the fur king!


I’m the protector. With the gifts Luna has given me, I safeguard the delicate relationship between the humans and shifters. But something is wrong with my powers, and I can’t see past my own snout. If I don’t restore my abilities quickly, hundreds of beings will be caught in the crosshairs, and war will crest the horizon. It’s my highest priority to regain control before it’s too late.

Sky’s Tail is a steamy, 18+, full-length, multi-POV standalone within a series, ending in a happily ever after, and no cliffhanger.

Lives will be changed furever as loyalties are abandoned and packs are torn. Luna’s laws will be bent and broken as Sky proves that true love is complicated and when done right… messy.

The Cold Creek wolves are loyal—while bursting with mouthwatering, unclaimed shifters—all just waiting for their mates. Why not drop in and enjoy the picturesque views by day and scorching fires at night? Don’t be shy. They don’t bite… hard.

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Trigger Warning


Sky’s Tail is a wolf-shifter romance and contains scenes that may be upsetting for some readers. The content includes triggers such as (but not limited to): same-gender sex and foreplay, murder, death, miscarriage, profanity, violence, graphic sexual activities, demanding alpha men, needy headstrong women, witchcraft, guardian angels, and sexual assault. If any of these items are upsetting to you, please do not read.

Lily's Tail

What do you do when all of your hopes and dreams fail to come true?

Find your mate, they said. It’s the only way to have your happily ever after, they warned.

For my sake, I hope they’re wrong.

I murdered my Luna-given mate, and our deity will never forgive me for that. I can’t escape the bitter truth, even if my brother is one of her Guardians assigned to protect the Wolves of Cold Creek.

Oh boy, and when he finds out what I’ve done…

While I consider the consequences, fate seems to cackle in the corner as my situation gets even more complicated…

I’m pregnant.

Now, I’ll have a constant reminder of my bloody sin.

To make matters worse, my brother is getting married and expects me to travel with a small child all the way to the Tala pack for the ceremony. And the icing on the cake? He sent a babysitter to escort us! Like I’m not a capable wolf shifter.

But when the scorching-hot bodyguard arrives, I want to drop to my knees and beg him to shelter me from the memories that haunt my nightmares, and ask him to show me how he overcame the loss of his own mate. Especially when men in uniform appear, threatening to take my son, while the secrets my former mate attempted to hide drag me into his darkened world.

Can I protect my pup and save my soul from eternal damnation?

The Cold Creek wolves are loyal—while bursting with mouthwatering, unclaimed shifters—all just waiting for their mates. Why not drop in and enjoy the picturesque views by day and scorching fires at night? Don’t be shy. They don’t bite… hard.

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Lily’s Tail is a steamy, 18+, dual-POV standalone within a series, ending in a happy for now, and no cliffhanger.

About the Author

My name is Brittany Putzer I am a stay at home mom, married to my high school sweetheart, I have two kids, three crazy cats, one scaled murderer, two fur potatoes, and I live in sunny Florida. 

Growing up, I turned to books to escape my real-life obstacles because it was easier to pretend to be a wizard, vampire, or damsel in distress.

Although I love reading, my passion has always been writing. And in 2020 I published my first book! 

Along with a great sense of humor and a crap ton of sarcasm, I love helping authors and readers with honest book reviews! 

Within all my books you can expect

💙 Steam 

💙 Unexpected plot twists 

💙 Relatable characters

💙 Multiple love interests 

💙 Strong female characters

💙 Encouragement through troubling times

My books are available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and paperback on Amazon. 

Rated 4.5 stars on Amazon!